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14 rue des Trois Portes

75005 Paris


Email : welcome@pikoc.fr

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Pikoc pays special attention to the environment.

Made in France, our detergents concentrated with organic aloe vera extract are effective in cold and short cycles.


Our ingredients are carefully selected to have the smallest impact possible on

our planet. Pikoc is composed by more than 90% of molecules derived from nature

and contains no preservatives, antioxydants, enzymes, phthalates or dyes.

The fragrance collection uses the codes

of high-end perfumery.


Treat yourself to a real olfactory dressing and gently perfume your laundry.

Enjoy the efficiency of our laundry on all of your textiles

while respecting them.


With Pikoc, washing your laundry with machine or by hand becomes a real experience combining respect and pleasure.