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Les brumes parfumées Pikoc apportent fraicheur et douceur à votre linge et votre intérieur.
Composées d’un neutralisant d’odeur d’origine naturelle,
ces brumes vont capter les mauvaises odeurs notamment de tabac, friture et transpiration.

Une brume qui changera votre quotidien, à utiliser sans limite !

Cécile & Marine
Perfume your daily life

Pikoc is a brand of everyday products that makes your home unique through a collection of high-end fragrances developed by passionate people.


By adopting the codes of the exceptional perfumery, Pikoc moves deeply the world of household.


We want to transport you to a world still unexplored in household products: the pleasure.

Pikoc's formula


Concerned about the environment, we have developed our formula from carefully chosen ingredients to have the least possible impact on our planet.

Composed of more than 90% natural ingredients, our formula contains no phthalates, preservatives, antioxidants nor dyes.


Enriched with organic aloe vera extract, known for its soothing and dermo-protective virtues, Pikoc provides protection and softness to the most sensitive skin. Allergic risks are minimized.


With Pikoc, you have only one question to ask yourself: which one will I choose for my next machine?

+ 90%




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